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Easy-to-Use programmable thermostat maximizes comfort while saving energy.

A basic programmable thermostat for energy-conscious homeowners who want to maximize comfort without the bother of constantly adjusting their thermostat to save energy.


  • HEAT-OFF-COOL system switch.
  • AUTO-ON fan switch.
  • Separate programs for weekdays and weekends 5 day/2 day.
  • Digital LCD display.
  • Easy to program.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Four daily energy saving programs.
  • Available in Taupe and Premier White.
  • Compatible with most 24 Vac standing pilot, gas electronic ignition, oil or central electric systems.
  • Temperature indication can be set for °F or °C.
  • Battery powered Thermostat can be removed easily from wall for programming in your hand.
  • Temporary program override available by using WARMER and COOLER keys.
  • Use HOLD TEMP key, and then WARMER/COOLER keys, to indefinitely change a temperature.