Residential Duct Cleaning Services

Furnace Maintenance

No matter what the age of your furnace, you can improve energy efficiency by keeping it in good working order. A few simple furnace maintenance tasks will ensure you're getting the most for your energy dollar.

Change or clean your furnace filter

When was the last time you changed or cleaned your furnace filter? Failing to check the filter regularly can be costly: dust and dirt can work their way into the blower and coil assemblies, reducing the furnace's operating efficiency and eventually damaging the motor.

We recommended changing your filters every 3-4 months, or cleaning reusable filters every other month.

Clear outdoor exhaust vents

During the winter, be sure to clear snow and ice away from the intake and exhaust vents outdoors. If the vents become blocked, dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can back up into the house, and the furnace could shut down.

Schedule an annual tune-up

An annual checkup by our service technicians is also a good idea - especially if you have a natural gas system. The technician will check the flues and temperature settings, examine the heat exchanger for cracks, and check the safety mechanisms as per the checklist at the bottom of this page.

An annual tune-up can reduce your heating costs by five percent and it's the best prevention against deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Furnace Tune Up & Safety Checklist
  • Check operation of thermostat.
  • Check condition and tension of fan belt and adjust if necessary, if applicable.
  • Check blower operation.
  • Check carbon monoxide level.
  • Lubricate fan and motor bearings as required.
  • Clean burners with brushes and vacuum clean.
  • Set proper gas/air mixture.
  • Clean pilot light assembly.
  • Check pilot light safety system.
  • Inspect heat exchanger.
  • Inspect flue pipe exterior.
  • Inspect venting system.
  • Inspect furnace chimney.
  • Inspect furnace filter and instruct customer on proper maintenance.
  • Advise customer on condition of appliance.

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is a major industry. As a homeowner, you may be regularly solicited to have your heating ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Claims are made that duct cleaning will:

  • provide you with better indoor air quality
  • reduce the presence of house molds and allergens
  • get rid of house dust
  • result in more airflow and better delivery of warm air
  • reduce energy costs

Dryer Vent Cleaning

A clogged dryer vent can lead to overheating of the dryer motor. In some instances this has lead dryer vent fires. As the dryer motor overheats due to blockage in the exhaust dryer vent, the lint (a flammable substance) catches on fire. To avoid this have your dryer vent cleaned at the same time as your furnace and ducts. Cleaning of the dryer vent can prolong the life of your dryer and reduce energy costs by drying clothes faster.


Scope of work:

  • Retrieve all materials with high powered PTO vacuum or portable HEPA system
  • Air wash bathroom fan motor blades
  • Air wash and disinfect bathroom vents
  • Air wash dryer fan motor blades
  • Air wash dryer vent to wall box
  • Air wash lint trap

Residential Duct Cleaning Services